Maintaining Work-Life Balance as a Busy Event Planner

by May 4, 2023


Do you struggle to maintain your work-life balance as an event professional? Do you feel like you are constantly overwhelmed? This May, for Mental Health Awareness Month, we are reading How to Keep House While Drowning. And, in this episode of the podcast, we will talk about tips to help you embrace more ease in your work and at home while planning those amazing events. Here are some takeaways from this episode:


Episode Highlights

  • The next book club selection is How to Keep House While Drowning by KC Davis. It’s a great book for anyone struggling with overwhelm, burnout, and could use a little uplifting in a time of struggle.
  • What often happens in the homes of event planners are typically hidden and not often disclosed, but it is important that we are supportive of each others boundaries and the transitions that they might be having in their home lives as well.
  • What I’ve learned over the years when it comes to balancing all the things:
    • Focus on what is most important in the season you are in.
    • Create boundaries for anything that may be sneaking over the fence.
    • Say yes to the things that excite you – however, you’ll have to ensure you have the space to manage them.
  • What people say “out loud” about a person or directly to you can be damaging. Event professionals should be mindful of judgements of others, especially if they are going through a tough time and are struggling with work tasks. Find ways to support if at all possible.
  • Many times we are overwhelmed by the amount of tasks we have to do at home and at work. Remind yourself that it’s okay and you will get through it.
  • “You don’t exist to serve your space, your space exists to serve you” – KC Davis. We need to change how our spaces work for us, instead of us working for them.
  • “Human beings can only exert high effort for short periods of time.’ – KC Davis. This is a reminder that we need to balance our days with high and low periods so that we have time when we come home to support those that matter the most.
  • People struggle differently – privilege isn’t the only difference. We all come from many different backgrounds, jobs, we also plan different events – so we all struggle differently. And if we are all struggling differently, we will resolve challenges differently as well.
  • How one measures work-life balance will vary for each person. The key is being aware of your needs and seeking out a supportive community to help you get to where you need to be.


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