Looking to Develop a Leader? Here are 5 Ways to Start

by Aug 19, 2014

If you are a leader, you will find yourself wanting to develop and cultivate a new leader as a successor, or just into the workplace. There are many event coordinators that are ready for the next step, and many event planners that might need to be in a position of management. These event professionals are usually already leaders, getting ready for a bigger leadership role, or they are aspiring leaders that have shown attributes that they want and need to lead others. Regardless of the circumstances, here are 5 ways to start developing your leader today:

Challenge them

Place your leader in a high-challenging role in your organization. This role might be one that gives your leader visibility to many in the organization. Give them an opportunity to speak often, and lead often, so that they can feel comfortable with how they lead others. If they have proven that they are able to lead, give them the reigns to their role, and let them go.

Give them a short-term tasked project

Find a project to give your leader that allows them to lead it effectively, and is relatively short. For example, have them lead an implementation project for a new technology tool, or develop a small strategy plan for an area of your business. This project can work well if your aspiring leader is able to lead a project and work collaboratively with others, as it puts them in an environment of leading.

Offer real-time feedback

Real-time feedback is very important two ways. It allows you to direct your aspiring leader into the optimal direction for their career, and it shows the leader that you care and have a stake in their development. Feedback should be given often, in a positive manner, and should encourage dialogue to increase understanding.

Coach and monitor

Keep an eye on your leader, coach, and encourage them in areas that they need a boost. Observe what type of leader they are. Additionally, monitor how successful they are at the tasks that you have given them. At times you will have some aspiring leaders complete their tasks with flying colors, and others may need a bit more coaching. Discuss how the project was completed or how they are doing in their role, and offer feedback on how to improve in the future.

Training and leadership classes

Give your leader the opportunity to attend trainings on leadership. Additionally, there are other organizations that offer training specifically for event professionals. Seek out resources on how to get your leader in a program that will best fit them and their leadership goals.

There is something humbling about having the motivation of making someone else shine. Use these steps to develop your leader today.


Photo credit: Pedro Ribeiro Simões via Flickr


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