Leveraging Your Strengths as an Event Planner

by Dec 22, 2023

What makes event planners very certain in how they show up is in how they find themselves leveraging their strengths. As you wrap up your end-of-year, it’s important to reflect on how you will show up in the year ahead. A big reflection point that works is reflecting on how you’ve been leveraging your strengths in the past year. Once you do this, you can learn how you will use them moving forward. Let’s face it, on one hand, we might not care about setting goals for ourselves. However, if we understand how we work best, we already are in a position to win.

Every event planner that walks on this planet has a uniqueness to them. Understanding what your particular uniqueness is, and what attracts clients to you, can be helpful in how you show up for them in the season ahead.

This episode unpacks how leveraging your strengths can work to your advantage. We will explore key questions to help you understand and identify what you’re naturally good at, and what your strengths could be. A reliable resource for this episode is the CliftonStrengths finder, that can also help you assess your streaks so that you can create more intention around your strengths in the new year.

We are excited to see how you will show up in the new year and leverage your strengths!

Thank you so much for listening, please stay on purpose.


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