July Wrap-up: My Favorite Five

by Jul 31, 2014

This July, I took the opportunity to challenge myself to write more for Plan It On A Post-It. Finding the time to write after a long day at work can be challenging, especially when you throw kids in the mix, yet I was able to accomplish the goal that I set out for myself. Now, after my goal is met, it is easy to look back and say “that wasn’t so bad”. So, I wanted to take the time to reflect on the last month of writing, and give you my favorite five posts for this month.

  1. 5 Keys to Lifelong Learning. This was a great post that really spoke to the fact that learning never stops, it always continues to mold and shape the people that we are.
  2. Why Good Leaders Make You Feel Safe. I enjoyed writing this post as I really like to listen to Simon Sinek. If you ever have a chance to grab a copy of his books, or watch his TED videos, go for it!
  3. Sometimes it tough to find ways to boost your creativity, so that’s why I created about 5 ways to boost your creativity.
  4. What To Do When Your Technology Doesn’t Work. That is a new post, but very close to me as I work with technology for meetings often, and yes, there can always be small issues that pop-up.
  5. Lastly, since my days are getting shorter, and time is starting to go by the wayside again, I really enjoyed the post Putting First Things First, where I talk about how to manage your time better as an event professional.

Those are my favorite five posts for the month of July. Hopefully you find them to be entertaining as well.

I am always looking for feedback on what you want to talk about, and what you want to read, so contact me, and get the conversation started! Here’s to a great August!


Photo credit: Little Blue box by Shereen M via Flickr


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