It’s Time to Rethink Your Goals

by Apr 6, 2023

Creating your goals for the first time can be pretty easy. The hard part is meeting them. And in every season, there exists a great opportunity for you to rethink your goals. You have to take a decent look at what you put down, what you promised yourself, and get real with where you are. It can feel like looking into the mirror. Deeply observing the cracks and crevices and understanding why they exist and learning how you can move forward. Rethinking your goals takes courage. It takes you putting a hand in fear’s face to say “talk to the hand” or simply “no more”, and embracing that you’re ready for success. If you’re ready for some support on helping you rethink your goals, here are some great opportunities for you.


Get Out of Stinkin’ Thinkin’

One of the greatest mindset shifts we can make is to realize when we are in stinkin’ thinkin’. It doesn’t help at all. What does stinkin’ thinkin’ mean? Well, if you ever find yourself saying anything like; “That will never happen” or “I knew I wouldn’t meet my goals” or “That won’t work”, then you my friend have been doing some stinkin’ thinkin’.

On one hand, many people may argue that stinkin’ thinkin’ can be just them being real with the circumstances. However, I will position that how you think about your situation may be the very reason why you have your current result. And that result isn’t on the trajectory of greatness. So what do you do? We need to change how you think and feel about your goals.

If you are in a position where you haven’t met your goals, and don’t see the pathway to success, take a look at them and ask yourself: what makes me feel excited about my goal? Perhaps you need a new perspective on your goal that provides encouragement and motivation for you to meet them. When you really give your goals some decent time, you’ll find a way to adjust or refine them so that you are excited to reach them and make them work for you.


Develop Confidence

If you don’t have confidence in your goals, then the completion of your goals may fall flat. But the type of confidence matters. There is such a thing as over-confidence, and that is what you don’t want to aim for, instead aim for confidence with humility. According to Adam Grant and his book Think Again, “confidence is a measure of how much you believe in yourself…. You can be confident in your ability to achieve a goal in the future while maintaining humility to question whether you have the right tools present. This is the sweet spot of confidence.”

So it is okay to be confident in your goals, even though you may have to make a plan to figure some other areas out. Have confidence with humility and let your newfound confidence propel and encourage you to put one foot in front of the other.


Remove the Imposter

At times, you may have limiting beliefs in your ability to meet your goals. It’s normal to have doubts but consistent doubting will prevent you from moving forward. Consistent beliefs of your inability to excel can be known as imposter syndrome. Although you can’t diagnose imposter syndrome, it is an area that you may want to keep an eye on as it can be debilitating if not checked.

If you aren’t motivated because you simply don’t believe you will win in meeting your goals, kick the imposter to the curb. We have to be able to identify when imposter syndrome comes up by training our minds to think differently about the thoughts we are having. Great thinkers and people do great things because they keep their doubts in check and have gotten better at what they tell themselves. So, the next time you think or feel you can’t do it or you are not capable or able. Just tell yourself, absolutely you can do whatever you put your mind to!


Make Room for Adjustments

Perhaps in reading this blog post you realize that your goals are no longer relevant. Or maybe, they need to be adjusted because they aren’t realistic. No problem. These are your goals, and you can adjust them at any time so that they reflect your overall vision. It’s okay to change. It’s okay to rethink.

So take a look at your goals, look at the timing of your goal or the content of it, and adjust as you need. This is why it is helpful to have a frequent look at the goals that you set. Make an appointment in your calendar quarterly for you to check in to see how you are tracking towards your goal. This way you don’t lose sight of what is important to you and your business.


Get Accountability

It is often mentioned in my blog posts how much accountability matters when it comes to meeting your goals. Whether you are looking to obtain your CMP, propel your career to the next level, or need a mentor, finding someone to keep you accountable is very helpful. For example, a coach will work with you hand in hand to hold you accountable to yourself so that you can feel good that you’ve kept the promise to yourself on what you wanted to do.

The promises that you tell yourself are extremely important, and the worst thing that can happen is that you look up years later you look up and you realize you’re in the same place. We all want to be progressing forward and having a coach like me to hold you accountable can help. If you would like to explore what working with a coach would be like, book a purpose call with me and we can see if working together is a great fit.


Be A Master Collaborator

You may have heard of the saying, “It takes a village”. It is absolutely true! it takes a community in order to support you in meeting your goals. We just talked about accountability, and many times that also can come in the forms of collaborations. Maybe there is a team of people or a partner that can help you to meet your goal. Get together often and hold each other accountable. If you find that you have a goal, and that you are the only person moving it forward, think about who you can work with to make it happen. You finding ways to collaborate, can make all the difference.

Be mindful of keeping your goals to yourself and staying in a corner. If no one knows about your goal, how can they help and support you? Many times, staying quiet about your goals is sprinkled with fear. And just like the imposter, we need to put fear in the back seat and have necessary conversations in order to make our goals happen.

So if you’re in a position where you haven’t met your goal and if you look at your goals and you see that these goals are going to require you to have a conversation with someone, then it’s time to have that conversation. If it’s a big conversation and you’re uncomfortable with having it, that’s okay recognize that that feeling is there and prepare yourself as much as you can in order to have that conversation out of fear and in a way that’s going to uplift you both.


Final Thoughts

I recommend you peaking in on your goals several times a year. Make it easy for yourself and look at them every quarter and track them to see where you are in accomplishing the goals that you have set. I also do recommend having a distinct plan to manage each step towards your goal which is reflected in your daily calendar or weekly check-ins with yourself so that you’re ensuring that you are meeting those small steps. Take this time and reflect on the goals that you have and if there’s a goal that has not moved the needle – then let’s rethink them and move the needle!

So what are your goals for this season? Leave a comment and let me know.


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