Is the New Year Giving You Resolution Burnout?

by Jan 3, 2024

Can you believe there is such a thing as resolution burnout? Well, there is, and before you overwhelm yourself with the lofty goals that you have for this year, it is best that you consider the tips that we unpack in this episode to help you avoid resolution burnout.

As an event planner, coming up with the goals that we want to establish for ourselves in the new year can be challenging. Especially when we know we are already looking forward to a busy season for ourselves. Making sure that we approach our goal-setting in a way that puts us in a positive mindset, and focusing on the progress that we want to make can be of the utmost importance.

This episode focuses on three tips that will help you avoid resolution burnout. Naomi discusses these tips and also provides you with some personal examples for you to better understand how these tips can work for you.

The New Year provides us with a fresh start, but although we set goals for ourselves it’s a fact that over 60% of people abandon their New Year’s Goals within the first month. Even more so, a fraction of folks actually stick to their goals throughout the year.

Let’s be the event professionals that can make those small steps that matter, just focus on progress, so much that it makes the bigger goal so much easier to complete.

Thanks so much for listening, until next time, stay on purpose!

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