If You’re Burned Out, Avoid These 8 Things

by Nov 15, 2023

This episode uncovers 8 things that event planners should avoid when they find themselves knee-deep in stress, overwhelmed, and heading towards burnout.

When event professionals are stressed their relationships can be stressed too, as well as they are at a limit for taking on more capacity. So finding ways to adjust their workloads, and lives to usher in more balance is going to be key. No change = no change. You have to avoid troublesome areas and make tweaks to your life to get out of burnout. When you do, you’ll lead a more sustainable lifestyle where you’re able to do what you love all the time. 

This is a great episode for you if you can feel yourself heading into burnout, and you need some tips on how to prevent your situation from getting worse as you go through this tough period.

If you would like support and accountability as you make key changes to impact your life positively, please schedule a purpose call (link below), and let’s get started in getting you on the road to freedom!


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