How to Systemize for Reduced Stress

by Dec 14, 2023

If there was any way for you to systemize for reduced stress would you put a plan in place to implement that system?

That’s the question that this episode will address. If you said yes to being ready to put a plan in place to implement systems that help you reduce the stress in your life, then get your pen and notepad ready. When we talk about systemizing we mean to put in place basic systems that will allow you to create more freedom, through elimination, automation, and delegation.

In this episode, we unpack all three of these areas, and I share tips on how to eliminate all of the work does not, that does not fall into your priority buckets. you will also learn four different areas of automation which are self automation template automation process automation, and technological automation. You’ll also learn how to delegate and who to delegate to in a way that keeps them coming back for more!

After listening to this episode, you will have tangible ways on how to eliminate the stress out of your life through executing the tips that I’ve shared through these three major pillars.

Thank you so much for listening, until next time, stay on purpose!

Learn more about a way for you to reduce stress and thrive as an event planner.


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