How to Stand Out as an Event Planner

by May 11, 2023

In seasons of growth and expansion, there is always an opportunity to move to the next level. Are you positioned to get to your next level as an event professional? How do you stand out so that you can advance in your career?  This episode highlights how you can stand out amongst everyone and get to your next. 

Episode Highlights

  • Be an event planner that stands by your word. Say what you mean, and mean what you say. Do the things you set out to do.
  • Offer your input and suggestions when they are being asked. You never know how your insight can help others with what they do.
  • Refrain from giving unsolicited advice, always ask so that your suggestions are received well by others.
  • Focus on managing your time well. It’s important to find unique ways to handle your responsibilities so that you are able to take on more.
  • Tie up all your loose ends well. This is helpful in times of transition. Make sure that you are transparent, and getting others what they need to be successful..
  • Communicate often, and communicate clearly. So many challenges happen because the direction or a particular situation isn’t made clear.
  • Lean into opportunity when it arises. If there is a need for help, be the person that raises their hand to help and do it well.
  • Earn a certificate or designation. Consider the CMP certificate for meeting planners.


Links and Resources

CMP Study Group by Planners on Purpose

Thank you so much for listening to this episode, and until next time stay on purpose!


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