How to Set Amazing Goals

by Jan 19, 2022

Setting goals can be intimidating especially if you want them to be amazing. But it takes some specific steps in order to create amazing goals. You may think that writing your goals is all you have to do. But your goals can’t stand on their own. Your written goals will require your attention and action. So here are a few tips on how to set amazing goals.


Make your goals SMART

Making your goals SMART is one of the best ways to set your goals so that you crush them. You may be asking, what is a SMART goal? Well, SMART goals are those that are specific, measurable, actionable, realistic, and timely. When you are creating your goal, it’s important to take all these characteristics into consideration. SMART goals really help you set your pace for the direction you are moving in. If you want to learn more about creating SMART goals, check out this post.


Make your goals FUN

Boring goals will deflate your motivation, like a deflated balloon. The best way to get excited about your goals is to make them very fun, and exciting. This way you will just be super pumped and ecstatic to take a crack at reaching them. As you are looking to create your goals, make sure that you feel that excitement inside of you. When you get that feeling, then you know you have a goal that is worth reaching.


Make your goals EASY

Goals should definitely require you to stretch. However, making your goals easily obtainable can keep you striving for even greater goals. Keep your goals simple, and easy. The route that you take to reach your goal should be clear. When you have simplicity in your goal-making, all there is to do is to start.


Make your goals CELEBRATORY

I’m a big proponent of celebrating milestones. Each and every one of your goals should have so many celebrations along the way. Celebrate every step and every milestone. The reason why is because you are celebrating you moving forward, no matter how small. With each milestone, it can be helpful for you to treat yourself with something that helps encourage you to the next step.


Need some help with meeting your goals? Check out my handy Goals and Objectives Worksheet to help you in your goal setting. Cheers to creating amazing goals!


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