How to Say No and Thrive as an Event Manager

by Dec 10, 2023

Event managers are in an industry that is built on supreme service. Due to our service standards, we aim to please our clients, customers, and attendees. Although serving and exceeding expectations of the ur people that we work with may seem like a good thing, it could actually have its opposite effect if we aren’t checking ourselves appropriately.

This episode unpacks how to say no and thrive as an event manager. Saying no, as an event manager in an industry that is built on servicing the client can be definitely tough. There can be a lot of guilt, a lot of shame behind us, saying no. Yet, the truth is, saying no it can actually help the person that’s requesting something of you. There are strategies to say no and a time and a place for you to be able to say no in which this episode walks through.

For instance, if you absolutely know that you can do a particular task, then saying no isn’t the best option. Perhaps you want to lean on helping out your clients and customers you want to go the extra mile in support and help them if you do have the time, and the bandwidth, and the capability to do so.

However, if none of those areas, fit your situation.  If you perhaps are out of time, energy, and bandwidth to be able to support any type of request. You might be the prime candidate for saying no as a strategy for self-care. This episode unpacks, three specific strategies, to say no, do it in a way that removes ambiguity, put the onus back on the requester, and even show you ways to say no, without even saying the word “no”. I hope you enjoy this episode.


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Thank you so much for listening, until next time, stay on purpose!


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