How to Reduce Attendee Stress at Your Event

by Feb 21, 2024

When you can reduce attendee stress at an event, you can decrease the stress you have too. If an attendee feels comfortable, taken care of, and relaxed, they can be at their best for learning and are happier, which in turn means you can feel a little bit more at ease as you are planning.

This episode covers 6 different areas to reduce attendee stress at your event. As you listen to this episode, it’s important that you understand that implementing all of these ideas isn’t necessary. However, these ideas may make you aware of some small tweaks you want to make at your event in the direction of stress relief and wellness.

The six areas that we unpack in this podcast episode are:

  • Building longer breaks
  • Encourage networking
  • Create convenience
  • Provide rest opportunities
  • Give space for physical movement
  • Create healthy opportunities

There is a wealth of ideas in each of these areas, and several of them are mentioned in this podcast episode. When we think about our attendees’ well-being it can be meaningful to know that you have a unique opportunity to bring wellness to them while they are experiencing your event.  It’s an honor that we shouldn’t take lightly.

However, as much planning as you do for your attendees, make sure to also take care of yourself. Make sure that while you’re onsite,  you’re making healthy choices for yourself and that uplifts your well-being too.

Thank you so much for listening, stay on purpose!


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