How to Change Your Bad Habits When Planning Events

by Nov 29, 2023

When we’re planning events and doing this great work of event planning, we can fall into creating bad habits for ourselves especially when we are in busy environments. This episode will help you to develop good habits through some simple tips. By fostering good habits in your life, you can show up better for yourself, for your business, and for your clients.

In this episode, Naomi shares how conducting distraction audits can help you to understand what is preventing you from doing what you ultimately want to do. Understanding your distractions can unlock areas that you can change.

Many times are good habits that we want to foster don’t get enough credit or enough attention for them to actually take root in our lives. So, having a habit tracker helps track those good habits and hold you accountable. Naomi discusses the habit tracker and how you can make the habit tracker work for you.

This episode also unpack the two minute rule, and how just doing a good habit for two minutes can really create massive amount of change in your life. The episode also talks about how making your habits that you create feel good and being kind to yourself can also help you to instill good habits.


Links and Resources

Atomic Habits, James Clear

Thank you so much for listening, until next time, stay on purpose!


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