How to Break Into the Business of Event Planning

by Jul 8, 2014

There are many that wonder about how to break into the business of event planning. Which avenue to take? Where to start?  There are so many different types of events, and so many areas to start, yet hopefully the quick tips below will help you get started:

Adjust Expectations

First things first. Adjust your expectations of event planning to be realistic. Sure, there can be travel, and it can be fun picking out linens; however, event planning has its shares of stress and long hours to compensate. If you adjust your mindset to embrace this, then you won’t be thrown off-guard when things get a little intense.

Get Experience

I am an advocate for finding a position in the industry, no matter how small to start. An experienced person can be very valuable, so I recommend seeking out positions are within your area of interest. At first, you might not get the hours or position you are looking for, but with diligence and experience, you will move forward quickly.

Add Education

Having education to supplement your experience can make you stand out from the others. Especially if that education is from a college level meeting planning/management program, or a meeting planning certificate. There are a number of students evolving out of college programs, and being welcomed warmly into the event planning space. However, the combination of education and experience can be quite powerful for a prospecting employer.

Elevate Your Game

Have both experience, and your degree or certification? Then elevate your game and continue to network and look for positions that challenge you and not define you.

As a former front office associate that has worked her way up to hotel management and on to event management, I can tell you that having some industry experience really helped my learning when obtaining my Certified Meeting Professional designation. I look forward to hearing your stories of how you broke into the event planning business in the comment box below!


Photo attribution: LinensbyLisa13djonesphoto by David Jones, CPP via Flickr


  1. Kim

    One tip…change Link from Certified Meeting “Planner” to Certified Meeting “Professional” 🙂

    • admin

      Thanks Kim, I appreciate the catch!


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