How to Be an Effective Advocate for the Meeting & Event Industry

by Mar 26, 2024

This episode will showcase how to be an effective advocate in the event industry. Advocacy in the meeting and event planning industry plays a very important role, one that everyone can actively participate in.

As you dig into this episode, you’ll learn that showing public support for your industry to family, friends, and your community can garner support in times when the industry needs it most. This support comes back to the industry in many ways: financial support, political support, relational support and more.

With that said, here are some of the areas that you can be a transformative industry advocate: 

  • Aligning with partner organizations
  • Get involved in advocacy, educate, and share
  • Teach or speak in a meeting and event management or hospitality program
  • Recruit for the industry, provide direction to connections and education
  • Guide others to the appropriate certification within the industry
  • Get involved politically
  • Participate in Global Meetings Industry Day

Finally, there are many benefits to being a meeting and event industry advocate. As an advocate, you can empower others to make an impact, and you can change your career trajectory too. It doesn’t take a big effort.. It only takes each of us to do our parts so that we can see our industry continue to grow by leaps and bounds.


Links and Resources

Global Meetings Industry Day Event Registration
Global Meetings Industry Day Toolkit

Thank you for listening, stay on purpose!


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