How Pinterest Secret Boards Can Help Meeting and Event Professionals

by Nov 10, 2012

pinterestbluestickyThe Pinterest team recently announced that they have added the concept of “secret boards” for every user on their site. Each user has been given 3 secret boards to use as they see fit.  Users can use their secret boards to pin items that they do not want to share. Although keeping anything secret these days may raise eyebrows, having secret boards might aid to the advantage of meeting & event professionals. There are host of ideas, inspiring items, and projects that a meeting and event professional might not want to share for many reasons. Here are some perspectives on secret boards that may help with how meeting & event professionals do business.

Pin ideas for competitive projects
Are you working on a project that you don’t need to go public with? You don’t have to let everyone know what you are working on, if you activate a secret board with Pinterest. Pin any item that you want on the board, it won’t show up anywhere else on Pinterest. Not in the categories, searches, your home feed – anywhere.

Build a board to be revealed at a later date
Did you complete on a pinboard in private, and now you want to show it off? Pinterest does allow you to switch from private to public, if you need to share your work after it is completed. However, make sure you want to go public before your flip that switch, because after switch, there is no turning back (at least not yet).

Collaboration on projects
Want to collaborate with specific people on a project? Another great thing about the Pinterest secret boards is that you can invite other users to your board. These users are free to pin items and all of their activities are marked secret when associating with the secret board. If you are invited to collaborate with someone else’s secret board, it won’t count against your 3-board limit.

Keep Personal Items Personal
Another advantage is that if you are using your Pinterest site for professional purposes, an option is available to you for personal use. For those that manage multiple Facebook and Twitter accounts, having a secret board could come in handy.

The concept of the secret boards sounds like a great one, and is proving to be very popular. Are you using the secret boards in Pinterest? If so, what are you using them for? It would be great to hear all of your creative uses.

Personally, I’m looking forward to finding nice ideas for holidays without letting the whole world know what I’m working on. So, thanks Pinterest for listening to your users. The secret boards are an option for those that need a little privacy once and a while.

Click here for more information on Pinterest’s secret boards


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