How Event Planners Can Stand Out from the Competition

by May 17, 2023

When it comes to the event industry, it can be easy to blend in. One event can seemingly look just like the next one. So how can you stand out from your competition if you are an event planner? This article will share 5 practical tips that will convert to long-lasting success in the event industry.


Be unique in your creative ideas and designs

An event planner is sought out to make the event planning process easier, but also to bring their creative ideas and designs to an event. The more creative an event planner can be with visions that their clients present them with, the more that event planner will stand out. If you are looking to stand out from the competition, use critical thinking to help you to see an event from another angle, and provide unique options and ideas to your clients. Here are some questions to ask yourself and help you unlock your creativity when it comes to event planning:

  • Do I completely understand the vision that my clients want for their event
  • How can I put a unique touch on this event
  • How can I present an option that the client has never seen before
  • How can I go beyond event design, and ensure creativity is in every touch-point the attendees have


Offer sticky input and suggestions

If you are an event planner that is using your creative ideas and designs, you’ll naturally attract people that are looking to learn from you and lean on you for your suggestions. Don’t hold back when it comes to your input and suggestions and offer ideas that are sticky. This means offering suggestions that clients are excited to use and will be successful. You’ll find that they will continue to come back for more!


Have clear communication

Communication is a crucial component of being an event planner. You have to be a confident and clear communicator that is able to use your words to make an impact and give direction. There are many times when details are missed for an event simply because communication wasn’t crystal clear. Ensuring that you operate in a transparent environment so that everyone you work with understands and is moved to confidence in action is your goal. Effective communication in event planning is a superpower.


Master your time

You should know by now that the event planning profession is one of the most stressful jobs according to CareerCast. This shouldn’t be applauded, however, it should be understood that lots of work and little time is a success for overwhelm and can eventually lead to burnout. This means that how you manage your time is crucial if you are going to operate in the event industry. The event planners that stand out from their competition are able to master the use of their time while managing their events.


Earn a certificate or designation

Another way to stand out from the competition is to earn a certificate in the meeting and event planning profession or to earn an industry designation. There are many designations to choose from, however, one designation that is globally recognized as a badge of excellence in meeting planning is the Certified Meeting Professional designation. Learn more about how Planners on Purpose supports you in getting your CMP here. When you have an industry certificate or designation you can position yourself for new opportunities in the industry and truly stand out.


As event planners that are interested in standing out from the competition, being intentional about how we show up in the industry is key to accomplishing that goal. Making sure that you bring your best to the table, communicate well, master your time, and perhaps even add a certification or designation to the mix will only multiply your efforts.


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