How Event Leaders Can Spring Forward in the Midst of a Global Pandemic

by Mar 21, 2020

Early March is usually a time that we are so very excited about. Anxious to spring forward our clocks. Relieve that spring is around the corner. And yet although it does feel good to be closer to spring, there is a slight tension in the air to this season. The weather is feeling warmer, but there is such a distortion looming above, and it isn’t the blue sky. Spring is here, but it can feel little hollow right now. All event professionals, right now, are facing an unprecedented situation as they navigate the impacts of this new coronavirus or COVID-19. When in the face of such a monstrous challenge, can event professionals still feel good about the new season ahead? Although, no one at this time can know when the new coronavirus will pass, or its lasting impacts, we can at least lean on these areas to be able to help us find a balanced approach as we walking through it.

Take Precautions

As with any situation that is declared a global pandemic, it is important that you gain clarity on how to take precautions. Get clear on who to follow for new updates regarding the situation. In this case, the CDC and WHO are great organizations to follow for up to date information. Ensure you are aware of how your organization stands while they are also working through the impacts of its effects. If you are in business for yourself, make sure you know your boundaries with how much you are working or not. Taking appropriate precautions to ensure your protection, safety, and mental well being are key. Here are some highly recommended steps, that you may have heard already.

  • Stay Calm
  • Know the Facts
  • Wash Your Hands, and Stay Sanitary to Prevent Spread
  • Ensure of Personal Safety (Food, Water, Housing)
  • Limit Social Media

Give Aid

Many event professionals are in positions where their livelihoods are at risk. Many in the hotel, planning, restaurant, travel industry have been hit hard. Unfortunately, this stab came very suddenly, and left us out of breath. However, if you find yourself on two feet, try to take care of your fellow event professionals that may be falling on hard times. There are a few ways that you can do this:

  1. Sign this petition to call on federal support for those in the industry
  2. Call someone that you know are struggling and offer any assistance
  3. If you are hiring, post your job, or partner with other organizations for support

Be Hospitable

When we look around us, the world appears to be in a tailspin. We are hurting, as a global community. The world isn’t as balanced as it should be. Areas that are hurting aren’t able to get what they need. And areas that are strong are fearful to share their strength. However, for event professionals, hospitality is our middle name. We aren’t afraid to show are strength when all seems lost. So I encourage you to help people during this time of need. We are a creative people right? Find creative ways to meet your community, as they need your hospitality.

Share Your Story

There is power in the telling of your story. It helps you to release frustration, anger, and bitterness. To release this type of energy can be very healing, because you aren’t meant to hold such darkness in your being. So if you need to chat and get things off your chest, find someone that you trust help. If that isn’t anyone in your family, perhaps a colleague can help support you with their ears. However, I urge you, pass on this favor to someone else. So many are affected by what is going on right now, and everyone needs to be heard. I invite you to share your story with me! Click here to share your story on how you are managing through this current challenge and how it has affected you. I’m happy to listen and share with other event professionals that would benefit.

Stay Rooted

There isn’t a more important time to stay rooted than now. What do I mean by rooted? I mean centered, focused, and intentional. Centered around your purpose. If your purpose is to stay healthy, stay focused on that. If your purpose is to get your family through this, then see your life through this lens. Intentionality is ensuring every action upholds your purpose. So ensuring that you are rooted, is very key to sustaining yourself and family in these times.

Seek Opportunity

When opportunity knocks, you have to take advantage of it. It may be hard to see your situation as a moment of opportunity, but every situation is that very moment. How can you see this as an opportunity for yourself? Sure, you may be at home for a while before some events kick in, but how is that an opportunity for you? Perhaps you may have some more time to do the things that you never do because you are working. And maybe, you can spring clean because that never happens practically ever. Sometimes the silver lining in your life is uncovering your opportunity.

Seeing the Fork in the Road

There can be a time where the opportunity that you see is a fork in the road. That going the road that you have traveled may not lead to where you ultimately know your purpose to be. So in this time, don’t be afraid if you find that in your time of reflection you need to be in a different place. Many times there are life-altering moments that happen during seasons like this. So, if you meet a fork in the road, go the road that you haven’t traveled. It is always more interesting to experience something new.

Flip Your Script – Keep It Positive

In times like this, it can be easy to be extremely negative, and act out of fear or panic. Every time that we find ourselves leading into these thought processes, we should just tell ourselves to “flip the script”. Re-write what you are telling yourself. Flip it to be positive, uplifting, and light. Why not find another way to look at things, that sets into motion positive actions that propel you forward?

It is certainly a stressful, challenging time for event professionals. And in no way am I minimizing what event professionals are going through at this time. These circumstances have affected everyone in the industry including myself. However, hopefully with these reminders, we can change our perspectives, and in turn our reaction from whatever is delivered to us.

P.S. Looking for some stress relief tips? Check out this post. Also, it’s spring! Let the sun shine down on you, even if it is through the window.


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