How Event Leaders Can Model Work-Life Balance for Their Teams

by Mar 6, 2024

As event leaders, we know how to balance our lives perhaps a bit better than our teams, but do we model work-life balance? Do we share how we are managing our lives so that those who are coming up behind us? Do our teams have an idea of how to move forward in a high-pressured environment like the event industry?

This episode is going to provide some areas where event leaders can model work-life balance to their event teams. Work-life balance is a word that really just represents how well we balance the ebb and flow of our lives and focus on what really matters at any given time. It can be an art form and many people can struggle with having a sense of balance in their lives.

There are four areas in that we cover in this episode and go into great detail on how event leaders can model work-life balance. Those areas are:

  1. Communication
  2. Boundaries
  3. Being a Wellness Advocate
  4. Standing Up for Your Team

Modeling is important because your team needs to see how work-life balance is managed. It is very important to understand how to manage in an environment where there are so many moving pieces and client demands.

After listening to this podcast you’ll have some great ways to model work-life balance, to support them, and be a wellness advocate in your organization.


Links and Resources

Banish Burnout Challenge

Thank you so much for listening, stay on purpose.


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