How Effective Communication Boosts Career Success with Mark Herschberg

by Jan 17, 2023

Communication is key. At least that is what our special guest, Mark Herschberg, would say. Mark is the creator of the Career Toolkit: Essential Skills for Success that No One Taught You and the creator of the Brain Dump App. I’m excited to have connected with him in this interview.

Mark has also been recognized on many podcasts, and shows, and has received a plethora of awards for his Career Toolkit book. In this episode, we talk about communication and how if you use communication effectively, it can help boost your career and enhance your leadership.

Episode Highlights

  • Having the relevant experience for a position before you express interest, can help you to get the role you need.
  • There are many career transitions happening within event planning. Thus, it is important for companies to be transparent and intentional in hiring and have discussions beyond the requirements of the job.
  • If you’re looking for some great questions to ask during the interview process, check out Mark’s great resource from The Career Toolkit.
  • One mistake we often make when we are onboarding employees into a new role is placing them into a box, and telling them to do the job. However, you want someone to understand the full picture of the company, and the larger context off their role.
  • Communication starts with clear guidelines on how to communicate and where resources are within a role.
  • Understand the root “why” of conversations so that you can communicate in a way that relates to their direct “why”. When you drill down to the root, there might be different assumptions and goals.
  • The BrainBump App is an app that helps you better retain what you read and what you hear. Download and check out this app and see how it can help you in your professional life.
  • Leadership is changing, we have to be more intentional about our leadership, and be more communicative than before. We have to be more explicit with our leadership and intentional about getting feedback from our employees. More complex and more time-consuming as a leader these days.
  • Events are changing, there is nothing that is changed at an event today that is something that you can’t pull up online and get it. So events, need to be more engaging and go beyond what you can get next door.
  • Networking and making meaningful connections is key and needs to be fostered at events.
  • Extending the in-person experience to online before and after an event, can help to leverage the online experiences.
  • Mark recommends the following professional development books: PeopleWare and The Charisma Myth

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Thank you so much for tuning into the podcast. Until next time, stay on purpose!


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