How a Vision Board Can Help You Stay Focused and Excited About Your Goals

by Jan 9, 2021

If you are looking for something keep you focused and excited about your goals, you should consider creating your own vision board. There are many reasons why creating one can help you with reaching your goals. Vision boards, help us to visualize what is important for our lives. Here are a few ways that a vision board can help you stay focused and excited about your goals, whether it be in a new year, or a new project.


So what exactly is a vision board?

A vision board is a collage of images and creative expression that a person uses in order to showcase what inspires them. It can also be helpful in revealing the who, what, when, where, why and how of your life. It can be as general or intimate as you want, but always a very strong way to make those aspirations come within reach.


Reasons to create a vision board

You may be asking, why should you create one? Well, it can be a great way to start off a new year, and get it off on the right foot. It can help you with determining where you are or where you will be going. It can help you brainstorm and come up with ideas for projects, events, and other areas you need to find expression. The best thing about vision boards it that it helps you focus on items that you know you need to really zero in on.


A vision board helps you establish your goals

Before you establish any goal, you have to have a thought about what you would like to do. That thought process is very important for how your goals are formed. I truly believe your thoughts direct your steps in life. So brainstorming on what you want your goals to be, and getting them on a vision board will help keep your goals in front of you.


Vision boards are fun and exciting to create

The most exciting part of creating vision boards is the creating! There’s so much creativity that you participate in, which makes it very exciting. Your life should be exciting to think about, and exciting to brainstorm about, so how fun is it to sit and dream! So the excitement that goes into vision boards, is what you see when you look at your vision board throughout the year.


If you are interested in creating a vision board, why not take my 5-day Vision Board Challenge? This is an email challenge that walks you through 5 days of creating your vision board. It comes with worksheets, checklists, and inspiration to get you started. If you are interested, sign up for the challenge here.


Vision boards helps us to connect our subconscious desires

Forbes contributor, Briana Wiest says that “your subconscious mind is the gatekeeper of your comfort zone.” So to do new and different, you have to get out of your comfort zone. Then, you’ll have to really work on your subconscious and retool your mind to focus on where you now want to go. Going through the the creation process can help with that.


Different types of vision boards give excitement to the process

You don’t always have to get your scissors, glue, and glitter to make a vision board. Although that is fun, it isn’t always everyone’s cup of tea. There are other options for you too. You can simply create with just a pencil and paper, do a digital vision board, or even one with video. Depending on your taste you can create excitement behind your goals and stay focused.


Great reminder on where you want to go

With a vision board, you are creating a visual expression for yourself. And with that, you are reminding yourself where you want to go. This helps you to stay focused while you are planning your steps to meet your goals. Keeping your final creation in focus constantly or making a time to always review it will also help you ensure your dreams become a reality.


Learn from your vision board

As you are creating, you might be able to see certain themes. These themes can help you make bigger decisions in your life, or at least show that you may have a different interest or aspiration. Going through this process helps you learn much more about yourself since you are unlocking more of you in the process.


Create connection with your vision board

Creating the vision board is not a solo process. There is so much connection that can happen. You not only connect to a deeper version of yourself with your wants, desires, and aspirations, but you also can connect to others. Creating together, and having vision board parties can be fun and create much connection. Lastly, vision boards can help connect you to something bigger than yourself.


I hope this gave you some more information about vision boards, how they can work for you to keep you focused and excited about your goals. If you feel led, sign-up for the 5-Day Vision Board Email Challenge. I would love to hear all about your creations, and how much you learned about yourself in comments!


P.S. If you are looking for other ways to get into action on your goals, check out this podcast episode. Also, if you are looking for ways to be more purposeful in your event planning, click here for more insight. 


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