How a Smile File Can Keep You Sane While Planning Your Events

by Jul 13, 2015

Some people go to chocolate, others go to Starbucks, yet not most people think to pickup a smile file to help cheer them up. Planning and managing events is not a glamour-filled life. Sometimes the going gets tough. When you are in a position where your abilities, creativity, history, or even experience is being questioned, having a smile file be immensely helpful.

So what is a smile file? A smile file is a file (digital or physical) that contains different positive elements from your past. The file can contain items from your current role, past event, or future promises. The busy season can knock you down in a variety of ways, even to the point where you just don’t want to get back up to plan the next event.  A smile file can help maintain your sanity as you smile at some of the comments and pictures that you have experienced. Here is an example of items that you can include within your smile file:

  • Thank you notes from the last event that you planned
  • Positive annual review notes
  • Pictures of you traveling to your favorite place while planning events
  • Email testimonials of events you planned
  • Positive emails of congratulations, commendation, or kudos
  • Photos of your best event that you planned
  • Photos of friendships that you’ve made while planning your events

The above represents the end results and positive elements of the events that you planned. It represents what you are capable of, and all of the phenomenal things you have accomplished. These are things you should be proud of, and when you look into your smile file you know you can do it again. When you are in the heat of planning an event, a series of events, or a busy season, it can be hard to see the end result. That is why having a smile file can be super motivational if you let it be. Opening up your smile file and focusing on the good results that you have been able to create, will help you smile and give you energy to get the job done. And this my friends, makes you realize why you are in this business in the first place.

What’s in your smile file? Would love to hear what works for you!

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