Hooked on a Feeling: The Emotional Side of a Planner’s Job with Leah Weinberg

by Feb 20, 2023

When it comes to the emotional rollercoaster that planners experience while planning events, Leah Weinberg has some solutions. Leah Weinberg is a perfect blend of support for event professionals being an author, a recovering event planner, and an attorney. In this episode, we’ll discuss the feelings and emotions that come up in an event planner’s job and Leah’s strategy and managing through them.

Episode Highlights

  • When you can think through some of the big things that go wrong then you are prepared for the small things that come up.
  • Leah’s book, The Wedding Rollercoaster, is all about keeping your relationship intact through the ups and downs.
  • What something seems to be like on the surface, isn’t what it is always about. There is always something beneath the surface that underlines someone’s behavior.
  • We should be proactive about bringing up any challenges in the planning process first.
  • Asking questions and having a conversation while planning builds trust with customers.
  • What people say as well as what people do not say can help you when identifying how to respond to your clients.
  • Your branding messaging and voice should portray the type of planner you are so that customers are aware of who you are as a planning professional.
  • Everyone is truly different and meant to be working with different people.
  • In situations that are high-touch many times, practice makes perfect. Practice how you respond to customers so that it becomes easier for you to respond to requests.
  • Sometimes we can be our own worst enemy by not having the right systems and processes in place. If you aren’t strong in an area, find someone or a tool that is so that you can have a strong front.
  • Leah’s 3-step process for handling the stress or emotional responses at an event. 1) Take the emotional response in nicely. 2) Think through it logically. 3) Check in with yourself emotionally to see how you are feeling.
  • Lastly, after moving through this process, we have to either take responsibility or let it go and move forward.
  • Don’t isolate yourself when dealing with difficult customers. Have a team, community, or accountability partner to help you get yourself through trying times.

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