Groups360 Is Making Group Bookings Easier for Planners with Tim Flors

by Apr 27, 2023

Tim Flors has been a hotelier at heart for most of his career. From the Baymont Inn and Suites as Director of Sales to National Sales Manager and Director of National of Sales at Gaylord Palms Resort, he has meeting and events in his blood. He joined Groups360 to see how they make it easier for event professionals.

“The process is broken,” he explains. “It’s inefficient and ineffective. It’s biased. It’s adversarial. And no one is transparent. It’s the way things have always been done, but we’re changing all that. Our solutions empower planners to make more precise decisions.”


Episode Highlights

  • Groups360 makes it better and easier for event professionals to book groups online.
  • The Groupsync tool is able to give better information on hotels and a better user experience on the hotels to the event professional when it comes to their online search.
  • This tool offers event professionals the ease of booking hotel sleeping rooms and meeting space including catering and equipment in the meeting space which is a plus.
  • Future plans are in the making for separate bookings to be made (hotel with separate meeting venue) which will help with unique situations where meeting and sleeping rooms aren’t able to be in the same location.
  • Currently, event planners have access to send RFP’s to over 200,000 properties globally in 225 territories and countries, and you can see live space inventory at about 10,000 hotels globally.
  • There are integrations, partnerships with registration tools, and SSO capabilities coming down the way for Groups360 so very exciting enhancements are on the horizon.
  • Groups360 has a simple search which is unique to the industry and their wide selection of inventory is also an advantage over other tools.
  • Whenever a booking is made, a notification is made to your specific Global Sales Teams, so event planners can have ease in knowing that everyone is aware of their meeting.


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