Give Yourself a Self-Care Cocktail This Holiday

by Dec 23, 2020

Holidays always bring the urgency of getting it all done before the celebration begins. As event professionals, we are used to this type of intense pressure, and many times we thrive on it. However, in our rush to provide for others this holiday, it’s important to give yourself some care. And why not do it with a self-care cocktail?


What is self-care?

Self-care is simply the act of taking care of yourself. Many times those in the area of service give so very much. We give to our jobs, our industry, our communities, and our families. However, giving to ourselves is not always top of mind. So this holiday season it is important to give yourself the gift of self-care.


What is a self-care cocktail?

Self-care is not just about a massage. There are several different types of self-care that we need to be mindful of. I like to put them in the following categories: spiritual, physical, mental, emotional, and social. So make sure that you’re varying the types of self-care that you give yourself. It’s not always about making sure that you are physically cared for. There several other areas, so don’t ignore them! I’ll quickly give you the skinny all of them:



The physical aspect is all about taking care of your body. Making sure that you’re eating the right foods, making sure that you’re exercising, going on walks, and pampering your body. Your massage? Yes, it falls into this self-care type.



The mental area of self-care is all about inspiring yourself and helping you grow mentally. This could come by way of reading a book, learning something new, expanding your mind, and also having fun with games that stimulate your brain. Inserting plug for our book club – join us monthly!



We all go through emotional situations every day. Yet when we are very busy, we don’t always have time for personal self-reflection. The emotional aspect of self-care helps you walk through that personal emotional journey. This can be done through journaling, self-reflection activities, and gratitude activities.



I think event planners love this one! We love to be social! And being social is very important to our well-being. So finding time to connect with others during this time is important. If we aren’t able to do it in person, then using virtual technologies to help support the social aspect that we crave is necessary.



Don’t forget to pay attention to your spiritual care. This can come in the form of meditation, prayer, devotionals, going to a religious activity, and being inspired spiritually. This can’t be an aspect that is missed, so don’t leave yourself spiritually broke.


Make yourself a self-care cocktail

As you may have guessed, the self-care cocktail is a combination of these. Make sure during this holiday season to give some love to all these areas. Perhaps each day you could focus on a couple different areas that feel good to you. Or make a day out of it, and really focus on all of them. It’s your choice, either way, give yourself a bit of love this holiday.


Evaluate your needs

So now it’s on you to create your self-care cocktail, schedule what’s important to you and make sure that you’re highlighting all of these areas during your holiday time away. It is a perfect time to get full in these areas so that when you come to the top of the year, you’ll be able to pour into everyone that you served from the overflow.


Schedule self-care time

Usually, when we’re working, we have our calendars and it is so easy to schedule time. However, while you’re on your holiday break it is equally important to ensure that your scheduling time for you. Our time can be filled with many family gatherings and things to do, all of which result in you having much work on your plate. So schedule time with yourself this holiday season to give yourself the self-care cocktail that you will enjoy. This way you’ll get the full benefit of relaxing during the holiday season.


For me I’m going to try to do much of these this holiday, definitely going to focus on the emotional, mental, and spiritual with a shot or two of the others. About you? What self-care cocktail will you have this holiday season? I would love to hear a little bit more about your plans in the comments below.


P.S. Can you use some more self-care tips to get through this season of uncertainty? I’m sure this post will help.


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