Give Your Events a Facelift

by Feb 9, 2014

Do you find yourself every year planning the same tired event? Do your events lack oomph and need a little pizazz? Consider these tips to give your event a little facelift.

Switch up your Setups
Rounds of 10? Reception style? Add some spunk to your events by kicking these conventional setups to the curb.  Try thinking outside of the box with your setups, and try something new. Instead of sitting your guests at a typical round table, try square tables for dining, or add-in some comfort seating at your reception. Try different room sets to get the juices flowing and your attendees talking about your event.

Change how your participants network
Still have your attendees wearing name badges written with a marker to encourage networking? Why not get people talking by using RFID-based technology solutions for name badges or other elements of your program. Use different content-management approaches to provide a unique and rewarding experience.

Explore Social Media
Adding in social media elements to your event, can always take it to the next level. You don’t have to go gangbusters and have all social media outlets, however, try incorporate social media proportionately to the size of your event. Use Pinterest to showcase pictures, or use Twitter to support and extend conversations surrounding your event.

Integrate theme
Themes can be very powerful. A great theme, can be memorable for years to come. Carrying a theme out through the duration of the event can enhance the visibility and extension of your content. Encourage all signage and content to allude to your theme. Make sure to stay consistent in the messaging that is presented to your attendees.

Get adventurous with food and beverage trends
Attendees can get a bored with an italian buffet and a sub-standard bar. Research what’s hot in food and beverage trends and incorporate them into your event. With your bar, try going local with some beer selections, or trying culinary cocktails. Try bringing in a specialty coffee station in the morning so that your attendees don’t have to stop at a coffee shop prior to arriving at your event.

Indulge the senses
Try to hit your attendees on all of their senses when you are planning your event. Make sure attendees are seeing color and unique sets when they walk into a room. Have them touch real floral or soft seating it will also enhance their experience. Attendees should smell amazing aromas whether it be the food or nice subtle scents in your event room. When attendees go to eat, the food experience should light up their taste buds. The sounds that fill the room should be bursting with networking, or if an evening event some nice music to allude the mood. Again, indulge your attendees in their senses and see how much of an impact your event can make.

What other steps do you take to give your events a facelift?


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