#Eventprofs, Here Are 5 Ways Boost Your Creativity

by Jul 27, 2014

At times, finding new creative ideas to incorporate into meetings and events can be challenging as an #eventprof. Have you ever found yourself in a position were you need an extra boost in creativity? Many #eventprofs might think they are creative because of the great ideas that they have. However, and idea is only an idea unless it is given life by doing. Next time you think you have a great idea, try it, see how it works, create. Now, here are some quick ways to boost your creativity.

Think color

Think bold beautiful colors! Add colored linens to your room, or try to incorporate floral or a unique centerpiece. Theme your breaks or add a trendy color into your event space. Browse the internet to get ideas on how colors are being used. Some great fashion websites could be  a great start.

Think design

Ever wonder were some of the best event professionals get their inspiration? Well, sometimes following the design world can give you the boost you need. Checkout interior design websites, reality shows, and magazines. If you have a great experience in a retail store, grab inspiration from it to add to your next event.

Think small

Great things come in small packages. This is true in event planning. Attendees love to have anything that is “mini”. Try to get inspiration for your menus by introducing unique small bites. Small is good.

Take a risk

Do you have a big idea that you aren’t really sure about? I encourage you to go ahead and take the risk. Start your plan, and start to create. You might find that after working you idea a bit more, it might evolve into something better.

Look around

What always helps with boosting creativity is looking to other event professionals and getting inspiration from some of their work. Attend networking events and industry conferences to get your dose of creative juice.

Need more creative ideas? Here’s 29. Check out this infographic by Canright Communications called “29 ways to stay creative“. Although it isn’t specific to our industry, it some unique ways to continue to keep your mind open and stay creative while planning. Happy creating!


How do you stay creative? Let us know by chatting with us via the comments below!


Photo credit: Creative hands – Mindy by Jeff Daly via Flickr


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