Event Planners, Release Your Elusive Creative Genius

by Mar 4, 2015

I wanted to share this video of Elizabeth Gilbert, author of Eat,Pray,Love which was an overwhelming success a few years back. Elizabeth  spoke at Ted Talks about “Your Elusive Creative Genius”. It’s interesting that after writing such an astounding book, that many people continue to ask her if she will ever be able to create something just as good. Elizabeth poses the question to all –  “What if the best work that you have done is already behind you?”

I couldn’t help but wonder about event planning. What if your most creative work that you have ever done as an event planner is behind you? Would you be able to know in that moment, that you will never top your best creative work? If you do, will you be okay with it? These can be tough questions for those that have a mean creative streak in them that so desperately needs to be released on a regular basis. However, they are questions that need to be explored so that we can truly understand ourselves, our lives, and our purpose.

Are you a creative genius or do you have genius moments within you that are waiting to be released? Elizabeth explores this hidden charisma behind the word “genius”, how it came to be, and how it can often deceive and distract us from doing our best work. There is a pressure that can overwhelm artists when they to live up to being a “creative genius”. This thought process distorts their art and perception of who they they think themselves to be. However, if you believe that everyone is capable of having a genius moment, then how does that help you understand yourself?

At times, I hear other event planners say things like: “I wish I could’ve thought of that, he is so creative”, or “I’m not creative, she always knows what to do”. Yet, what if you knew you were capable of doing the same thing? Elizabeth really explores this greatly in her talk, were she explains that as long as you show up and you do your part, you can indeed release your elusive creative genius.

Check it out and let me know your thoughts!


Photo credit: Steve Jurvetson via Flickr.


  1. James

    Another interesting read. I enjoyed Elizabeths views on the artist not all being depressed and broken or in these dark dark places. She points out that many artists are the exact opposite while creating greatness. Although
    I believe that sometimes these dark places may be a catalyst for therapy or ventilation.
    Great video!

    • admin

      Thank you! Glad you enjoyed listening to her insight to an artists mind 🙂


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