Event Planners, Give Yourself Permission to Do Something Different

by Apr 18, 2024

This episode invites to give yourself permission to do something different in your life, especially if you can sense an imbalance happening that is affecting you.

Event planners have no problem understanding burnout and its implications, however, many times when it comes down to making the decisions that are needed to make necessary changes we doubt ourselves.

Doing something different gives you the permission to make those key changes. And it doesn’t have to be big changes in your life. You can make very small changes that make a big impact on you. The question is – do you want to make the changes in your life so that you will have a life of more ease? If so, then give yourself permission to do something different.

Event professionals are struggling with an epidemic of burnout. Despite the impacts of burnout, we continue to endure, long hours, poor communication, and strenuous travel. We can have our cake and eat it too, but it may mean we have to do something different to get there.

Naomi discusses how you can give yourself permission so that you can come to work filled with joy, and passion, and ready to do your best work.


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