Event Planner Emergency Preparedness with Melva LaJoy

by Jan 11, 2024

In this episode, we welcome a special guest Melva LaJoy as she discusses emergency preparedness for event planners.

Before you jump in, here is a little bit about Melva:
As an award-winning event producer, Melva LaJoy Legrand is the CEO and founder of DC-based event planning firm, LaJoy Plans. She is also a nationally recognized public speaker, creative director, writer, and community leader dedicated to missions rooted in race and gender equality, as well as higher education.

In this episode, Melva and Naomi discuss many areas starting with unpacking your purpose and passion as an event planner. Melva shares how she unlocked her passion as she started her business.

Melva’s advice for event planners who are starting out and trying to find out what their passions are: do everything. She presses that the only way that you know what you like or don’t like, is to do everything and figure it out.

Event planners will know when they are in the right assignment, when the challenge is equally rewarding, and the stress non-existent because you’re delighted by the work instead of resenting it.

As we get into emergency preparedness discussions in this episode, Melva shares three steps to help triage the challenges and conflicts that show up at events.

  1. Be proactive
  2. Talk and educate about safety and wellness
  3. Get CPR Certified

As we deepen our conversations about emergency preparedness, Melva shares how collaboration with other security professionals can be an advantage to event planners when challenged with emergency situations.  Paying attention to cultural cues, and developing relationships with others who may know more about specific concerns may be the best way to ensure your attendees are safe.

Finally, Melva discusses the challenges with stress and overwhelm in the event industry.  She shared many tips, however, offered these five tips for those who struggle with maintaining their sanity when planning events.

  1. If your work is costing you yourself, then you should find other work
  2. At the end of your work day or a challenge, have a celebration
  3. Have an accountability buddy (at home, and in the industry)
  4. Communicate with clients and team
  5. Laugh, because laughter puts things in perspective

Melva also shared some insights on her life in France at the end of the episode. It was so great to get to know her and we are thankful she was able to be our guest on the podcast!

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Thank you for listening, please stay on purpose!


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