Event Planner Burnout Is Not Inevitable

by Apr 16, 2024

Is burnout inevitable? Many event industry professionals think that it is. With so much pressure in the industry, combined with unreasonable expectations, lack of boundaries, and high volumes, burnout is a very common result.

Burnout shouldn’t be targeted as inevitable in the industry, because it is preventable. If burnout is preventable, then finding ways to proactively address burnout in our lives and in our organizations is a solution worth pursuing.

The first step to learning how to address burnout is to become more aware of what burnout really is. Understanding burnout is the number one occupational risk of today. It’s a three-part syndrome of exhaustion, cynicism, and inefficacy resulting from the wear and tear of work and personal demands. Even more, burnout is now associated with a 40% increased risk in developing coronary heart disease, and other health ailments. 

Additionally, although we can learn about burnout and how it can impact us, it isn’t all about the learning. Change comes not only by learning but by doing. it’s about taking the direction and doing the actions necessary to prevent burnout. Many event professionals struggle with this and need additional support to navigate how to effectively make these changes in their lives.

This episode will give some insights into how we can understand burnout better to have the necessary conversations that we need to have to be the change we want to see,


Links and Resources

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Banish Burnout Challenge (fall waitlist)

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