Engaging in Virtual Meetings with John Chen

by Aug 3, 2021

In this episode, I invite you to tune into a discussion that I was honored to have with John Chen. John was a guest at this past book club and taught us quite a bit about engaging in virtual meetings.


Episode Highlights:

  • If you want to learn about how to engage in virtual meetings, then you will need to learn the ENGAGE method.
    • Engage with every attendee.
    • Never lead a meeting alone.
    • Good looks.
    • Air traffic control.
    • Get productive with virtual tools.
    • End your meeting on a high note.
  • Your attendees need to be comfortable in order to engage. Precisely, they need to have psychological safety to get even the quiet attendee to engage.
    • Attendees need to feel safe, take risks, and be vulnerable towards each other.
    • Get things done on time and meet a high level of excellence.
    • Attendees have clear roles, plans, and goals.
    • Make sure that the work is meaningful to the attendees.
    • Attendees need to think their work matters and will initiate change.


Thank you so much for listening! To find out more about Planners on Purpose, go to www.www.plannersonpurpose.com.

To get more information about Engaging Virtual Meetings and John Chen, check out his website at www.engagingvirtualmeetings.com.


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