Employee Wellness Trends

by Dec 6, 2023

Employee wellness trends have changed their trajectory in the last year. Many companies have been adjusting their current offerings, and even adding new offerings and benefits to their employees in an effort to support well-being efforts.

With approximately 60% of the workplace saying they work in toxic environments and are on the verge of quitting, employers are doing what they can to ensure that their workplace cares. This includes being bold and upfront with their benefits offerings and building out elaborate websites that highlight their workplace culture. Organizations also present job postings with an immense amount of transparency into the well-being benefits so that they attract talent that wants to work in their organization.

In this episode, I highlight 7 workplace wellness trends that you should watch as we head into the new year. This topic is meant to motivate and inspire you to bring ideas back to your organizations, leaders, and HR leaders so that they can see how these trends may be something they want to consider.

As a brief overview, here are the key areas in that we discuss as trends in this podcast episode:

  • Enhanced wellness programming
  • Remote Well-Being Community
  • Leadership Training
  • Flexibility
  • More Time Off
  • Caregivers and Coaching
  • Technology

Listen in to hear how all of these areas are being supported or even enhanced in the workplace, and keep your eyes peeled for more trends in the future.

Thank you so much for listening, until next time, stay on purpose.


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