Embracing Sustainability in Event Planning

by Dec 21, 2023

One of the biggest areas of focus and intentionality in the new year will be sustainability in event planning. It’s already a topic of conversation in the event industry, it’s been for years. If you’re an event planner, and not embracing this yet in your events, then now is the time to pay attention.

Being sustainable in our event is all about ensuring that we are not negatively, impacting our earth, and in our communities.  Events can contribute immensely towards that effort. There are several ways that event planners are able to manage their events in a way that supports these areas.

In this episode, we unpack realm of areas starting with taking personal responsibility and being aware as a planner of the practices that are available to us. Also you’ll learn of the opportunities that exist within our events for sustainability. Additionally, we discussed how location is important to having an event that cares about being sustainable. We also discuss how food and beverage, transportation, recycling practices, and more – can all contribute to having a positive impact on your events, and the community involved.

If this is your first time hearing how you can embrace sustainability in event planning, it is my hope that this encourages you that your planning is purposeful. Sustainability does matter, and as event professionals can make an impact on the world.


Links and Resources

U.S. Green Building Council
Events Industry Council – Principles of Sustainability

Thank you so much for listening, please stay on purpose.


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