Elevate Your Well-Being Inside the Banish Burnout Challenge

by Feb 20, 2024

Elevate your well-being by participating in the upcoming Banish Burnout Challenge. This challenge will be held at the end of the month and it will focus on tips and tools for you to prevent burnout.

Burnout is costly. Costing over 190 billion in healthcare costs, with the event profession is one of the top industries that suffer from burnout. Paying attention to prevention strategies that you can leverage to reduce burnout’s impacts is crucial.

This challenge will cover give tips, tools, and insights to help you prevent burnout. In the challenge we will cover several areas, here’s what you’ll can expect in this challenge:

  • Learn about the science of burnout and how it affect you, the industry and why preventing it is important.
  • Discover how to craft your very own personal burnout strategy.
  • Learn about common strategies and how you an incorporate them into your own.
  • Uncover how the common systems that we use can help us to prevent burnout.
  • Review your burnout strategy and create tangible steps on how you’ll implement them in your world.

To learn more about the challenge, and how you can elevate your well-being, check out this episode. Naomi will give you more information about the Banish Burnout Challenge, what it will cover, and how you can join.

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