E45: Let’s Talk About Burnout

by Mar 4, 2021

Burnout widely effects the event planning industry. As event planners we should know about what burnout is and how it actually can affect our performance in our careers. This episode walks how to recognize this syndrome and discuss how you can make adjustments to be more aware of stress in your life doing forward.


Episode highlights:

  • Burnout is a syndrome that results from occupational stress.
  • In event planning, there are many contributions that can lead to this chronic state of stress. 
  • It is important to be aware of if you are in a high-stress situation so that you can make adequate adjustments.
  • Many times burnout can be self-inflicted, so ensure you are aware of what you are saying “yes” to and manage your personal energy tank.
  • As managers, be aware of our employees ability to take on additional projects, and ask key questions to ensure that they are able and ready to take on the task you want them to proceed with.
  • Recognize the patterns that come with your burnout.
  • Our April Book Club will be discussing the book “Burnout, Unlocking the Stress Cycle”, see link below to register.


Links mentioned in this episode:

Managing Your Burnout FREE Mini-Course
Planners on Purpose Book Club
Planners on Purpose Facebook Community


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