E44: The Opposition Factor (Part 2)

by Feb 23, 2021

Opposition can affect how we reach out goals and may prevent us from reaching our goals. In episode 43 we discussed the common internal oppositions that appear for us, and this week, we are discussing several external oppositions. We all go through challenges with validating our ideas and goals, handling criticism and trusting accountability. Learn how to overcome these oppositions by reading the episode highlights below.


Episode Highlights

  • Seeking the validation from others can help in some cases, however if validation isn’t favorable, it is important to know how to respond.
  • Use any validation responses whether positive or negative to refine and to reshape your goal.
  • When you get your first critic, it could be an opportunity to get deeper into refining or validating your goal or idea.
  • Think of criticism as a dialogue and use it as fuel to get to where you need to go.
  • Accountability partners are there to help keep us on our path. Although when we are being held accountable we may not see it that way.
  • While on this journey to meet your goals, make sure that you use your accountability team to support you.
  • See accountability as an opportunity to be vulnerable in where you are at, and allow your partners or coach guide you through.


Links and Resources

Managing Your Burnout Mini-Course


Thank you for listening to the podcast. If you have met opposition when meeting your goals, I encourage you to share with us in the comments below.

P.S. We all go through burnout at some point. Check out this post to help you with some ways that can help.


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