E42: Why Accountability Matters

by Jan 26, 2021

In this episode we discuss why having accountability is crucial to you meeting your goals. I discuss three unique reasons why accountability matters. I also share some updates on our book club and that we have a new book club selection that we’ll be discussing on March 3rd.

What matters most when reaching your goals is the accountability that you have around you. Giving empowerment to others allows for your circle to hold you accountable to the steps you are taking to meet your goals. Not only does an accountability team remind you of your goal, they encourage you and support you along the way as well.


Episode Highlights

  • Not only does accountability matter, but your personal and professional interests matter as well. Make sure to consider them.
  • You can gain accountability partners in different ways. Consider your loved ones, friends, an accountability team or personal coach.
  • Let your team push you to meet your goals by having frequent meetings that encourage you to check in on your progress.
  • Be motivated by having other like minded individuals around you that are also pushing towards their goals.
  • When you meet your goals you set an example for others.


Links and Resources

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