6 Reasons to be Doubly Thankful for the Event Industry

by Nov 23, 2017

This year has been marked with profound happiness and has also been recipient of many surprises and disappointments. However, despite the circumstances, there is still much to be thankful for. Expressing gratitude in during any time can help you find comfort and remain alert for the good things ahead. It is always enlightening to take a look back and find the little things you may not had considered, and be thankful for them.

Role Play

This industry has grown in magnitude over the last 20 years. The event planning world has had to fight very hard to get into the position that it is in now. Today, organizations show value in how experiences and events are planned and executed. We should be ever so thankful for the journey that our industry has traveled to which we all have our roles in contributing to it.


The best thing about the industry are the connections made. Every personal and professional connection made becomes more rich as time passes along. We should be thankful for the connections that we have and continue to keep them. If you haven’t made any connections while in this industry, I implore you to take the opportunity to get to know fellow planners and suppliers in the industry, and stay connected.

Industry Magazines & Resources

If you want to stay on top of industry trends, magazines, websites and blogs are a good way to keep up with the way to do it. I have my personal favorites, Smart MeetingsConnect Meetings, Meetings & Conventions, and of course my local MPI Wisconsin Chapter Agenda Magazine. Flipping through the pages of these websites and printed magazines helps me to stay connected with the industry and what is trending on a daily basis. Very thankful for organizations that make these publications possible.

Industry Conferences

Attending one or more industry conferences are always great to stay connected as well. The best part of going to industry conferences is being able to connect with industry experts, and other like-minded individuals like yourself. It is important to establish personal connections and professional connections at these conferences, and can be invaluable to be able to tap into the knowledge of the industry experts.

Family and Friends

Family and friends get your time after your day-job is over and done. At times, they can tap into your world and see it the way that you do, but it is rare. We should be forever grateful for the role that our families have in our lives. They listen to us, support us, and cheer us on when we do well.

Remember your Roots

I remember my first introduction to this industry, working in a hotel answering phones and managing the switchboard. Only a few years later, I would find managing events and conferences and thus began my career. I’m thankful for the experiences that I have been able to have as they were a foundation for where I am now. We all should show gratitude from where we come from.

As we move into the holiday designated for giving, it is important that we show gratefulness for the opportunities that we have been given and the people that support us. What are you grateful for?

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  1. Lana Frank

    Loved reading this and relate to everything you’ve mentioned. A very nice read on this day of Thanksgiving.????

    • admin

      Thank you for stopping by! I’m happy you enjoyed reading the post. Happy Thanksgiving!


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