Diversity Dialogues with Lauralee Whyte

by Nov 3, 2023

In the midst of the pandemic, Lauralee Whyte had a major revelation when it comes to her work. She wanted to be intentional about creating diversity and representation with her work. Feeling that there wasn’t any representation, belonging, or connection in her industry, Lauralee set out on a quest to create the environment in the speaker industry that she wanted to see through her company Spectrum Speakers.

In this episode we chat about how the awareness of the necessity of diversity that surfaced in 2020 has long since fizzled out, replaced by a cookie-cutter embrace to get instant public satisfaction. However, the real intentional work that needs to be done in the event industry still has a way to go.

Lauralee suggests that while sustainability is a safe topic, with less controversy or less room or need to do or say the wrong thing –  diversity and inclusion can be a heavy subject with a lot to tackle. Hence, the event industry tends to avoid the deeper conversations that can move the needle.

The big takeaway from our conversation is that there is still a lot of work to get done. And because many people walk on eggshells in an effort to not do or say anything wrong we unfortunately turn our backs on making real change.

It was a pleasure to have Lauralee on the podcast to provide us with awareness and tangible tips when it comes to diversity and inclusion.

Links and Resources:

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Diversify by June Sarpong

To learn more about Planners on Purpose, visit the website at  www.plannersonpurpose.com.

Thank you for listening, until next time, stay on purpose!


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