It’s All In the Details

by Jul 5, 2014

I’m sure you have heard of the age old saying “It’s All In the Details”. It’s such a familiar statement because it is a very true statement, especially when it comes to event planning. Over and over again, I’ve seen the importance of how details can make or break an event. No matter how nice a venue is, it is meaningless without some well defined plans. Some planners can get caught into a routine of planning meetings were details are missed. Others may over plan, but never follow-up on making sure details are executed. Regardless of the situation, here are some tips that can help planners that need a boost when it comes to paying attention to detail:

Think ahead

Always anticipate the next step, the next “what if”. Make sure you make the best plan that can accommodate most of your attendees. For those you know have unique circumstances, make plans to meet their needs in advance.

Communicate always

Sometimes telling your Conference/Catering Service Manager isn’t enough. Make sure you are communicating with your banquet staff, your server, and other line staff to ensure that details are being trickled down (or listened to) is key.

Take Note

While onsite, there are many changes and adjustments that can occur. Keeping note of these, and making sure those small details are handled or delegated can make or break your meeting. Take small notebook, type a quick note on your phone, or use a post-it :).

Add a little somethin’

Sometimes it isn’t just about making sure details are executed, but about adding some details to give your events a pop. Add a little color, a feature drink, dynamic seating, or some floral. Also, adding surprise detail is always nice for your stakeholder(s), and will add value to what you bring to the table!

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Photo attribution: Opus Hotels via flickr


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