Declutter Your Digital Life Ahead of the New Year

by Dec 19, 2023

As the year comes to an end, there’s an opportunity for you to declutter your digital life in order to help you feel more clear, free, and purposeful about welcoming in a new new season.

Digital decluttering is a healthy practice for anyone in a fast-paced, environment to evaluate what is currently working for them, and what is not in terms of the digital footprint that they are making. Evaluating the platforms, you use, the notifications you receive, and even how much time you’re spending on social media can all impact, your levels of stress, and your overwhelmed with well-being.

In this episode, we unpack five specific decluttering tips for you. These are tips that Naomi has personally use you after year in order to set herself up for success, and she is sharing those tips with you so that you can do the same.

Learn how to take a digital detox, delete the apps that you rarely use, set your notifications up, so that they work for you, clean and clear your inbox, and the power of unsubscribing. You’ll leave no stone unturned as you take the time you need in order to Declutter, your digital life this season.

Thank you so much for listening, and please stay on purpose!


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