Decision Mastery for Event Planners: Breaking Free from Fatigue

by Nov 16, 2023

Have you ever ended your day in a complete brain fog, not able to make another decision? Our days can leave us absolutely exhausted from constantly making decisions. When you are in this position, who cares what you eat for dinner, you just need a little bit of rest!

In event planning, it can be easy to get bogged down with mental clutter throughout our day. And usually, the pressure from making the decisions that we make can stay with us over time. They can carry over into the next day, and become a hinderance to our work if we aren’t careful.

In this episode, Naomi will discuss the challenges of decision fatigue and how event planners can master making decisions all day every day.  The key to making decisions that help save your mental faculty are easy to tell, but can be tough to commit and put to practice. However, when you make a commitment to yourself to do it, you’ll see the effects and the freedom that you ultimately gain as a result.

Tune in and discover tips that you’ll be able to use for your event teams, and even as an event leader for you to master your decision-making skills. We hope you enjoy this episode.

Thank you for listening, until next time, please stay on purpose!


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