Crucial Apps to Supplement Your Emergency Plan

by Jan 12, 2016

Emergencies are no joke. When you are managing an event, you want the best resources possible to assist you in an emergency situation. As a planner having your emergency plan is a crucial step in event security. However, there are times in which it would be helpful to have some supplemental resources to assist you if in the event an emergency happens.

According to Pew Research Center, approximately two-thirds of American adults now own a smart phone (April 2015). With mobile technology being in the hands of almost every adult at your meeting, event planners need to be on top of our game, especially when it comes to managing emergencies.

Here are four crucial apps that you should have on-hand to supplement your emergency plan while managing a meeting:

Redlight Traffick

Trafficking is everywhere. As an event planner you might see more victims of trafficking than the average adult. Venues like hotels have a very high visibility for trafficking. If you want to hear more about trafficking in the hospitality industry, check out this post. This app allows you to report signs whether it be a business, a person, or a vehicle that might be displaying suspicious trafficking activity. Sex and human trafficking is an emergent situation, because at any time individuals can move to another location, and sometimes it could be out of state. Hospitality professionals and event planners are in a unique role to be the hero to someone suffering and in need by simply reporting the activity on the app.


The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) has an app that surprisingly provides a lot of support for emergent situations. Should you be in a position where your event has to undergo a National Emergency, it wouldn’t be bad to have this app available to get constant updates from the Department of Homeland Security. In addition to the alerts that the app provides, you can also customize tips for specific situations, create emergency lists, find shelters or resources for help, or connect socially.


There are big emergencies, and then there are smaller ones. As an event planner, you find yourself in lots of crazy situations like:

How do I deliver a baby?
How to repair a flat tire?
How to report domestic violence?
And my favorite for this season…How to make a peppermint latte? (My friends, sometimes getting a latte right for your client IS the emergency)!

All fun aside, this app is very helpful to help you navigate through all those little unique stories that arise onsite (and very helpful for the big ones too).

First Aid by American Red Cross

Another great app for emergencies is the First Aid by American Red Cross. This app offers up to date ways to take care of small to bigger emergencies specific to first aid. Find out how to cleanse a cut, ease a panic attack, or delivery a baby.

Want another great tip for an emergency? Make sure your emergency plan is accessible. Have a printed version, and make sure one is uploaded to your mobile device. This will ensure you have the information you need regardless of the emergency (power outage, flood, crime, etc).

I hope that you enjoyed these quick crucial apps to supplement your emergency plan as much as I did preparing them.

Do you have any other apps to share, do so by commenting below!


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