Creating an Impressive Team with Nora Sheils

by Mar 28, 2023

Nora Sheils is a wealth of knowledge in the events industry and knows exactly what creating an impressive team can do for a business. Her talent for project management, operational efficiency, business expansion, and team dynamics support and propel event professionals to do their best. In this episode, Nora talks all about creating an impressive team and what that means for those that plan events.


Episode Highlights

  • In operating Bridal Bliss, Nora shared a takeaway that she never takes more weddings than she or her team are able to do comfortably.
  • Creating an impressive team can be stressful. Nora took time to train her employees at the beginning of her business and it grew from there.
  • The best training strategy for Nora to bring on new planners is having them start as assistants to shadow the process and then add on more responsibility as they grow.
  • What makes an amazing team player is possibly different for different companies. However, Nora’s top three are:
    • Planners have to be open to all genders and all races
    • Planners should be open to learning new ways, and not set in their ways.
    • Ideal planners fit easily into the team culture.
  • It’s common that planners will work with a client that isn’t easy to work with. Ideally, if they aren’t a good fit, it is much better to part ways with that client than move forward in a toxic environment.
  • There are ways to ensure a client is a good fit. A great one is asking the right questions during the inquiry and onboarding process.
  • Setting expectations early with your clients can ensure that planners are leading the process and are consultative.
  • Going above and beyond can lead to burnout. Be upfront about expectations and lead the process to ensure the client isn’t asking you for status, and that you are showing them frequent updates.
  • Send a surprise and delight package as well to say welcome! They are inexpensive but make a huge difference.
  • Tips from Nora on building your company brand:
    • Jump into social media. It is  an easy free way to build back the branding of your team and company
    • Planners get so much business from vendor referrals – send cards to your vendors so that you are at top of your mind.
    • Make sure to give reviews to others and keep your site updated when you get referrals and reviews from others as well. Show off the support you get from others
    • Be authentic.
  • Give your planners the space to grow as a planner, and make sure they are valued, and a true team player.


Links and Resources:

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Thank you so much for tuning into the podcast. I hope this helps you in your quest on creating an impressive team. Until next time, stay on purpose!


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