Communicating to Lead with Kele Belton

by Mar 4, 2024

Kele Belton joins as a guest on this episode of the podcast to talk about how we can communicate to lead. She also provides some great insight for women in leadership.

About Kele Belton

Kele Belton is a Leadership and Communication expert and the founder of The Tailored Approach. She is a former corporate trainer and coach, where she collaborated with notable companies like Bank of America, BioMarin, Facebook, and Netflix, contributing to their leadership and communication growth. Kele now empowers leaders and their intact teams to communicate confidently, navigate feedback, and have difficult conversations. She’s a published author, keynote speaker, and host of the Communicate to Lead podcast. Kele specializes in leadership development, communication skills, conflict management, navigating feedback, Everything DiSC assessments and coaching, personal branding, and more.

Episode Summary

When you communicate, it’s important to understand who you are speaking to, and what your message is. Is your message communicating to that person in a way that they need to receive it?  Kele speaks about this and how important it is for messaging and your audience to align.

In addition, Kele discusses how women struggle in leadership in many areas. One is having the right amount of flexibility at work which allows them to take care of any home matters. Also, Kele touches on how women can display more confidence in leadership.

Kele shares her proprietary BOLD framework which stands for:

  • Breaking Through Barriers
  • Owning the Leadership Narrative
  • Leading with Authenticity
  • Driving Continuous Change

Kele also shares more about the DISC method and how it is an assessment that measures your personality in the following areas: dominance, influence, steadiness and conscientiousness. She also helps the listeners to understand how this method intersects with her BOLD framework and can help you lead stronger.

Finally, in this episode, Kele shares a bit about introversion and how introverts can focus on using their strengths, to listen. When as an introvert, you listen, you can then lean into the relationships because you’ve built the relationship up front.

Links and Resources

Tailored Approach
Own Your Worth, Free Guide

Thank you so much for listening, stay on purpose!


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