Catering a Culture That Cares with Bill Hansen

by Feb 6, 2024

Bill Hansen, an industry celebrity and veteran, joins the Planners on Purpose Podcast to share his knowledge on building a culture that cares. A culture that is built on and for its people.

For over 50 years, Bill Hansen hosted countless events such as four U.S. presidents, championship Super Bowl teams, and countless celebrities and athletes. He’s catered events for everyone from Pope John Paul II to  Kim Kardashian.

In this episode, Bill talks about his roots in entrepreneurship from selling door-to-door to operating concessions. He reveals how the spirit of entrepreneurship is engrained in him and fueled how his company initiated.

For Bill, building a dynamic culture is the number one goal, and is an ever-evolving situation as his company aims to build the ultimate familial culture. Building this culture is one of the key elements needed to engage workers because “engaged workers are happy workers”.

Moreover, a podcast episode with a hospitality mogul like Bill isn’t complete without him sharing current trends.  From highly customized menus to gaining inspiration from social media. Bill paints the picture of how our customers are fueling their visions for their events in unique ways, and the hospitality industry has to stay on top of it. How we respond to the needs of our customers will help them to realize their ultimate vision for their events.


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