Catching Up on Event Trends with Kathrine Frost

by Jun 3, 2021

In this episode, I pull up with Katherine Frost with ORO, returning guest on the Planners on Purpose Podcast. We discuss what is happening at ORO Planner, and also discuss how the event industry is returning post-pandemic. We also discuss some key event trends to keep an eye out for. I hope you enjoy this episode!


Episode Highlights

  • Katherine discusses the new design board that has launched within the Oro Planner.
  • Indoor/Outdoor events are now happening to ensure that people are safe and included.
  • Staff shortages are happening in hospitality. Planners can help to encourage patience as the hospitality industry rebuilds to meet demand.
  • It is important to always have a plan and a plan for the plan! Be optimistic and have backup contingencies in the event that things fall back.
  • Planners should consider brushing up on their planning skills since meetings are returning.
  • There is still a debate on hybrid meetings and how they will integrate within the landscape of events.
  • The event industry is an amazing community that even when we’re not together, we’re together.


Links and Resources

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ORO Planner
Event Manager Blog – Event Tech Companies
CDC Mask Guidelines – Planners React

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