Can Technology Make Your Attendees Healthier?

by Oct 13, 2014

What if you can make your attendees a little healthier with the use of technology? There is an increased focus on ensuring attendees have a balance of mind, body, and soul – so how can technology help each attendee healthier? Can a meeting and event planner use technology to make their attendees a little bit healthier? My vote is yes. Although some of the ways are subtle, we can use technology in different ways to make a difference, a healthier difference, in our attendees lives.

Technology can be a great healthy gift

This can’t happen with every meeting, however on some meetings or incentive programs, it can be a great option. Give a gift of technology. You can easily give a gift such as a Fitbit, Nike Fuelband, or Jawbone fitness trackers. Attendees will like having these little gadgets as they are nice, can fit around their wrist, and track their movement – even their sleep patterns. There is something about seeing how much you move each day, that makes you move just a little bit more. By giving your attendees the gift of fitness, they will move more, and will be slightly more healthier – thanks to you.

Technology can hold attendees accountable

Have your attendees track their calories at your meeting by using an app. MyFitnessPal is a great app for tracking your calories, and your workouts. If you have an event that can be flexible to allow this healthy intrusion, it is a great way to get an healthy app installed on your attendees’ phones, and have them use it, interact, and find out how easy and flexible it can be and contribute to their health. Try it out, if you can’t get them to directly stall the application, you can always suggest the app at meal times and start the conversation.

Technology can get everyone moving

Help your attendees move more by showing them apps that can point them in the direction of walking paths, and trails that are in the area of your meeting. Try out apps like MapmyHike, All Trails, or Every Trail. Additionally, help your attendees meditate by showing them apps that can help them relax at breaks or after a long day at your meeting. Apps for medication like the Mindfulness App, Simply Being, or Get Some Headspace are a few that can help your attendees. Showing your attendees these options can help them think differently about how they spend their free time, with hopes that they be a little healthier with it.

Technology connects attendees in deeper ways

In the past, when we went to conferences, we had to rely on old school methods to connect attendees to each other. Technology makes connecting even more easier now. Now, we can pre-survey our attendees to get their likes, dislikes, and interests. These insights can be used to build our programs, and in turn give our attendees better connections when they attend our meeting and conferences. Giving attendees better connections when they come to our events, makes them happier. And when they are happier, they are healthier.

Technology helps attendees be more social

Now days, you can’t really run too far away from social media. If people are not heavy users, they are minimal users seeing they are “tapped-in” in some way. Being connected is healthy. In the past it was harder to stay connected, however now with social media, people can stay connected to their friends, coworkers, and initiatives. Encourage interaction at your meetings and events by using social media outlets, or even having a specific mobile app for your event that incorporates all types of social activities. You’ll find that the more connected your attendees are, they will feel great.

Do you have any other ways that technology can help our attendees become more healthier. I would love to expand this list!


Photo credit: Gadgetmac via Flickr


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