Busy or Productive: Which One Are You?

by Apr 9, 2021

Have you ever been busy working, but not necessarily being productive? In this episode, I’ll share with you three ways to be productive rather than spending your time being busy for the sake of being busy.


Episode Highlights:

  • Being busy is all about being occupied, but with what? You can be busy doing many things but are you moving the needle forward.
  • Being productive means that you are producing an effective result for you and your business.
  • Stop doing all the busy things in your life. One of the main productivity killers is social media. Make sure to give yourself time limits on social media so that your time can be better spent in other places.
  • Make sure that you are scheduling smart when it comes to your calendar. Remember there is a time and place for everything.
  • Focus on a specific task instead of having your hands in too many things at one time. Focusing is more effective than multi-tasking.
  • Always stick to your script. If you have a planner or have time allotted or certain tasks, make sure that you stick to your plans. Don’t falter.


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